Thursday, September 09, 2004

Response from GovernmentJob Page

This post is from my other site but should assist readers of this publication, as well. Click on the title to view the GovernmentJob site. Enjoy.

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous said...What can be done to make resumes larger and/or more attractive to prospective employers and recruiters?

Great question. It is important to not be misled, my intention is not that the resume necessarily be larger, but to not attempt to keep it within a certain size, ie. one page, as is often the idea. The idea is to ensure that you have completely captured everything about you. When you apply for a government or private position, you do not necessarily know the full spectrum of items the employer is looking for. For government jobs you will know the basic qualifications and the factors used to determine who are the best qualified candidates. You will not know what type of preferences that the employer or manager might have, that aren't documented, but might play a key role in their determination. The same premise can apply to private positions, but is even more prevalent because you will most likely not know the factors used to determine the best qualified candidates.

Finally, I think it is extremely important to note that resumes should read well. You should utilize at least an 11 pitch font. Additionally, if possible, it is a good idea to use bulleted statements rather than one paragraph for each position. I would rather read a ten-page resume that is broken up and attractive than a two-page resume with 8 pitch font bunched together. Make it an easy read and include as much information as possible to allow them to know all of your qualifications. Experience gets jobs.


At September 23, 2005 at 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Affirmative Action for Veteran --Vietna, Gulf , diabled effectively denied by lack of Audit and Reporting system by employer. Not enforced by Depart of labor Federal contract compliance. Many words by businesses no action. Most Veterans say the hell with it and go into business themselves -- tired of non-citzens getting affirmative action.


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